Product development in portugal man holding yarn suatinable yarn in his hands

Produced in Europe

We focus on making our production as known and as transparent as possible. Producing within the European Union plays a big role in that. It allows us to stay in close contact with our production partners in Portugal, enables us to visit factories and understand the impact of individual production steps and ensures that European labour and production standards are kept.These standards include the restriction of harmful chemicals within textile manufacturing facilities, compliance with social standards and adequate wages and a ban on child labour.

Besides the social and environmental interests, there are logistical benefits too: With yarns coming from Italy and Spain, manufacturing done in Portugal and most of our customers based in Europe, we can avoid long shipping distances and further reduce our carbon footprint.

Product development in portugal man holding yarn suatinable yarn in his hands

Sustainable Design

At Teal Project we understand sustainability as the art of creating products that last. Therefore we follow some guiding principles that have become inherent to our design approach:

We focus on quality in order to maximize the lifespan of a product. A reduced environmental footprint is only meaningful to a product when paired with a long lifespan. Sustainable materials must not mean making sacrifices on quality.

We stay true to materials and function. Elaborate processes and subsequent treatments allow to alter haptic and functional material properties. This usually goes along with the use of chemicals and energy-intense production steps. We believe that materials should be selected according to their most natural shape and properties. Even if that means spending more on raw materials.

We want to create timeless basics rather than fluctuant fashion statements. While we see fashion trends come and go, we want to focus on apparel basics that will pass the test of time. Bold colors, clear shapes and subtle branding: Our products will become your wardrobes essentials for years to come!