Socks made from Ocean Plastic

Every year, over 8 million tonnes of garbage, mostly plastic end up in our oceans. 75% sinks to the bottom. These enormous patches of plastic we see in the news are just the surface and a mere 25% of all the plastic in the ocean. 

It’s not only disruptive to look at, but it’s killing wildlife and making its way into our food chain. While we know that we as a society need to solve the root of the problem, cleaning up our hundred-year-old mess is also an ethical and moral obligation.

At TEAL we see ocean plastic as a valuable resource that can be harvested and turned back into an everyday useable good. Already today, fishermen and other companies are collecting plastic and bringing it onshore for recycling. As award-winning sportswear designers, we saw an opportunity here. We know that synthetic fibers offer outstanding performance for today’s athletes. We decided to start with an article of clothing everyone needs: Socks.

We wear them every day for warmth, for sport, to work. They are the buffer between our feet and our shoes. A good pair of socks will keep your feet dry, prevent blisters and help you perform.

We’ve spent two years developing our socks and finding suppliers that turn ocean plastic into high-quality fibers. In this way, we are not just supporting the cleaning up of our oceans, but lowering the demand for new virgin plastics and further oil exploration. Our socks aren’t the silver bullet that will solve the ocean plastic crisis, but it’s a step in the right direction. We are taking garbage from out of the ocean and keeping more from entering it.

Socks made from Ocean Plastic